Apartment house on the street. Zamarstynivska, 79, Lviv


The house is located near the center of the city, not far from the intersection Zamarstynivska-Lipinsky.

On the street is passing tram route number 4, 5.


Key Features

Number of floors -  7 

Number of apartments - 45

There are one-room, two-room, three-room

and four-room apartments,

and apartments in two levels.

Description consumer characteristics

  • Monolithic house with brick external walls and partitions..
  • Insulation of walls - polystyrene, mineral wool.
  • Plastic windows. Metal doors, vandal-proof, fire-proof.
  • Modern elevators.
  • Individual heating and hot water, boiler, mounted radiators.
  • Plaster, electrical wiring, covering.

You can download the STANDARD DOCUMENTS FOR principals (ua).