About Us

One of the features which distinguishes Ltd. "Strim-Lviv" from other firms market - is qualified, with experience in construction of various difficulty levels that satisfy the most demanding customer. Profiling direction of the organization - the construction and reconstruction of industrial and civil buildings (the entire complex construction from excavation, installation of foundations and completing commissioning). Ltd. "Strim-Lviv" qualified performing construction of various structures, including reinforced concrete.

Monolithic construction - modern technology allows to build, any heights and shapes in no time. Planning and dimensions of monolithic houses is not limited to the size of the factory of reinforced concrete structures, which allows to take into account the wishes of the customer. Also advantage is a curvilinear forms, and it significantly enhances the architectural possibilities. Cast of providing virtually "seamless" design.

Walls and ceilings in monolithic construction technology ready for finishing. Of particular importance among the performance of the building with its rigidity and strength. They provide uniform sedimentation home redistributing the load and prevent cracking. In this respect, monolithic houses no equal. Heavy construction based on the columns of the monolith, and not on the wall, so there is no need for a thick internal septa, which greatly facilitates the possibility of redevelopment areas. The external walls can be made of any material: brick, panel or hinged designs. Today there are not many companies who are able to build monolithic houses. It is a technology that requires knowledge of specific techniques and methods of construction.

The advantages of monolithic construction:

  • high speed construction of buildings and structures;
  • monolithic construction ensures the creation of structures with virtually no seams;
  • with monolithic construction significantly expanded capabilities space planning;
  • durability (over 150 years);
  • monolithic building lighter than brick by 15-20%;
  • walls and ceilings ready to finish;
  • frugality construction of monolithic structures;
  • seismic resistant design of buildings and structures;

Ltd. "Strim-Lviv" for a relatively short period of existence has grown into a powerful construction company, which has 149 employees, 29 of them male. engineering staff, and took a strong position in the construction segment.

For performance the company has the necessary fleet of Construction:

  • cranes;
  • mixers;
  • mobile concrete batching plant;
  • bulldozers;
  • excavators;
  • dump;
  • other equipment;

Ltd. "Strim-Lviv" produces high quality concrete for reasonable prices. Price-List

The partners of the enterprise:

  • LTD «Kerambud» (Gorodok)
  • LTD «Galzalizobeton» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Epicentr» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Pershyj Dim» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Metal Holding Trade» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Tehmetal» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Peri Ukraine» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Firma «Interbud» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Budinvest» (Lviv)
  • PE «Montazhservis» (Mykolayiv)
  • PE «Yarta» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Zahid-Kompleks-Bezpeka» (Lviv)
  • LTD RDC «Novoyavorivs'kenerhopostach» (Novoyavorivsk)
  • LTD «L'vivviknobud» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Poshuk» (Lviv)
  • PE «Azov-Halychyna» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Firma «Hranpolis-plus» (Lviv)
  • PE «Yevro-Modul'» (Lviv)
  • LTD «L'vivs'kyy beton» (Lviv)
  • RC MDU «L'vivs'kyy zavod zalizobetonnykh konstruktsiy» (Lviv)
  • LTD «Yablunevyy dar» (Gorodok)
  • PE «Tektum-Bud» (Lviv)
  • PEF «Standart-Servis» (Gorodok)
  • Capital Construction Department of the Lviv regional state administration